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 Good afternoon all,
            Firstly, All the praise be to God, the Lord of the universe. I would like to say thank you very much for the MC and juries who have given me opportunity to deliver this English speech.
 Ladies and gentleman,
            It is a great honor for me to stand here and give a brief speech entitled “Why do I study English?”
 Brothers and sisters,
            English is a language that spans the globe. We usually call an international language. English is an important language that required every person. Why do me or else learn English? Here I had 5 reason why do we study english.
            For the first,  Access to knowledge.  Media that exist today , such as the internet, television, and the press, give us almost unlimited access to knowledge about our favorite subjects. In fact we have been living in the information age. But there is only one problem. Most of this knowledge is in English. Here I have some examples of the knowledge that we can use if we know English. First, Websites on the Internet. There are more than 1 billion pages of information on the internet. Simply amazing that with only learn one language you've been able to access almost all of the knowledge on the Internet. Books on any subject, from all over the world. Books from various authors, and books translated from other languages​​.
Second, Journalism. The magazines and newspapers are available in all corners of the world who speak English only. Whatever you are interested in it, you can read it in English.
            At the second, Broad Communications. English is often referred to as the "language of communication". Why? Because it seems everyone in the world have agreed to use English to talk to each other. Approximately 1.5 billion people in the English-speaking world. A total of 1,000,000,000 others are being studied75% of the letters and postcards written in the English language world. Almost all international conferences and international competitions held in English. For example, the olympics. If you can communicate in English, you can contacting people from all over the world. You can voice your ideas and your opinions in discussion groups and forums on the Internet. Sending e-mails to people special. Learn their life and culture.
Ladies and gentleman,
            The third reason is Encourage career advancement. If you want a good job in business, technology, or science, start learning English now! (If you have had a good job, start learning English before your job is los!).
            The fourth reason Enjoy art. English allows you to feel the culture of the world with no other language can match. With a good knowledge of the English language, you can do amazing things: Reading great books. Every famous book written in English or translated into English. Watching a movie with the original language. More to enjoy music schools of the English language as meaning.
            And The last reason is easy to learn English. English is not only the most useful language in the world, but he also were a major one of the easiest languages ​​to learn and use.
Ladies and gentleman,
            So the conclusion we can take from this speech is that English was mandatory for us to learn and understand. Better to lose now than later, still learning English. And don’t give up.
Ladies and Gentlemen;
Brothers and Sisters;
I think that’s all my speech.
I hope that I can convey useful to us all. Finally, I would like to say sorry if there are mistakes in my speech words.
Thank you very much for your attention.

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